Friday, March 14, 2008

"Unknown" Review

"August Rush" was on backorder yesterday, so I got "Once" and "Unknown" in the mail today. Although, I did get an email today telling me that I would get "August Rush" tomorrow.

So, after I got done watching "Lost" and basketball tonight - I decided I wasn't tired, and I wanted to pop in a movie. "Unknown" was the shorter of the two, so I decided to put it in.

It's a move that I've been wanting to see for a while, and I've actually picked it up and carried it around at Best Buy, only to put it down and claim I'm going to buy it another time. I'm really glad I never paid full price for the film on DVD, because I doubt its something I'll ever be in the mood to watch again.

It's a pretty good film. I did enjoy watching it, and trying to figure everything out. But, now that I know everything, I just don't think I'll ever have the desire to watch it again. Unless I'm going to be watching it with someone who hasn't seen it. That's about it. The film is in the same vein as "Reservoir Dogs", in the fact that its a group of men in one central location, who all don't trust each other. Granted, the dialogue and events of this film pale in comparison to those of "Reservoir Dogs".

It opens with Jim Caviezel waking up in the middle of a storage room, he looks around and sees other men, all passed out. There's lots of blood and weapons lying around. Over time, all of the men wake up, and everyone has amnesia, due to a container of some gas which has busted open. The film follows the men, as they all begin to regain their memories and piece together what happened to bring them all together. Some are good, some are bad, and we (as the audience) go along with the characters as they remember things.

Honestly, I believe the storyline would have been better served as a one hour television script for some crime drama. Because, while we watch the men in the warehouse - we also follow the cops who are working with the wife of one of the men, who pays the ransom for her husband. We see from their angle, as they pursue the criminals and attempt to track them down. But, there's a lot of things in the film that probably could have been scaled back or removed to make the pace a lot quicker. The film takes a while to get you involved. Probably ten minutes, or so - it's basically the polar opposite of "Brick". Once the film gets going, it is pretty well paced, despite the things that I feel could be cut.

I'd probably rank it a 6/10.

I'm taking "Once" to work with me tomorrow. And tomorrow night, after I get home from the Big Ten Tourney, I will probably put in "August Rush". Netflix is really turning out to be the most amazing thing ever. I love the ability to get any of these films that I've been wanting to see, but too lazy to purchase - and then, after I watch them, I realize that there's no reason to waste my money on the DVD. I think this is going to save me a lot of money in the long run. And, I'm just about ready to start selling off my DVD collection. Aside from the TV Shows I really care about, and maybe 50 films - the rest are going to be taken to a place that buys Used DVDs. Time to get rid of this massive collection of films that I never watch.

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