Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Music and Lyrics" Review

So, last night at work I popped "Music and Lyrics" into my laptop and watched it.

It was exactly what I expected it to be. I wasn't let down, and I didn't get anything that I didn't expect. It followed the very common Romantic Comedy Storyline, and it worked just fine. It wasn't anything new, but it didn't feel like the same old "crap" either.

I actually liked Drew Barrymore. So often she plays the ditzy hot-girl with no self-esteem who doesn't think she deserves the guy she wants, then somehow gets him. That's NOT how she plays this character, and it was a wonderful surprise to see her in the flick. She actually plays a woman who has some serious mental instability issues, and she portrayed them well. She's not psycho, or anything, she's just got some stuff that she doesn't like to mentally deal with, and it effects her. I thought she did a really good job with the character and her mannerisms.

Hugh Grant was Hugh. It wasn't my favorite flick of his. He's done so many more interesting characters, and I honestly was never sold on this character. It almost seemed bi-polar to me. In one scene, he's be lamenting about how he was just doing these things for the money, and how he needed to try to get famous again. Then in the next scene, he was acting as if he was fine with being a washed-up ex-pop star. There never seemed to be a consistency to his character. I would blame it more on the script and the director than Hugh. He does have some good moments with Barrymore, and their interactions are a lot of fun to watch.

As I previously said, the story follows a typical formula. It's nothing new, it's nothing different, but its still enjoyable to watch. While the film begins with Alex's (Hugh Grant) need to write a duet for him and a current pop teen idol, where it focus on his inability to write the song, until along comes Sophie (Barrymore) - who is supposed to water his plants. It's not long before they are writing the song. After they finish it, the film shifts to Sophie and her personal problems, where Alex now feels invested enough to attempt to help her through some personal drama. Eventually they fight. And eventually it all works out.

FORMULA. But, worth an hour and half. Especially if you've got someone special to watch it with.

So tonight, I brought "2 Days in Paris" with me to work, and once the Pacers game is over (I'm listening to it on the radio), then I'll put it in and watch it tonight.

I stopped by the post office today, to return "The Nines" and "Music and Lyrics". So, hopefully in the next few days I'll get "Once" and "August Rush" in the next few days.

Currently, I'm watching the IUPUI/Oral Roberts game on Game Cast. At 9:00pm, I'll have the Butler game on Game Cast. It's a BIG night for small Indiana Colleges hoping to guarantee an NCAA Tourney Bid...

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