Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chapter One Completed.

Yesterday I wrote the Prologue, a nice 1000-ish introduction to the protagonist and antagonist who will be working together and battling each other over the course of this epic.

Tonight, I wrote a good 1600-ish word Chapter One that begins to introduce the city, and gives you a peek at some of the evil that is starting to brew in this small coastal fishing town.

I'm pumped.  I'm stoked.  I'm excited.
I've got a lot of good source material, and I'm just expanding on it and making it my own from all of the great ideas the three of us came up with fourteen years ago.  I'm enjoying the characters I'm starting to develop in my mind, and I can't wait to get them on "paper".

This could be it.  This could finally be the novel I get completed.
I know I'm in the honeymoon phase with it right now, but the way I'm expanding the twelve episodes into much more has me optimistic that it's going to give me a lot of material to write, play with, and mental screw with the audience.  It's "Twin Peaks" meets Time Travel, and I'm loving it.

Gotta hold on to this passion.  Can't let it slip away.  Gotta keep on myself to write.
I was very happy I wrapped up in time to watch @midnight live tonight.

Now I'm debating on starting Chapter Two tonight, or saving it for tomorrow's writing session.

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