Monday, April 21, 2008

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Review

I saw the flick on Thursday night, and meant to write a review before now - but I didn't make the time this weekend. Then, I went and saw the flick again last night, so I decided that it did deserve my time to finally write the review.

First up, after watching the film - I do not understand the marketing campaign for the flick. "You Suck Sarah Marshall" and "I Hate You Sarah Marshall" just DO NOT go well with the film. While they do make for a funny marketing campaign, at no point in the film does the main character have this kind of attitude at all. Instead, Jason Segel as Peter spends the majority of the movie lamenting over his break-up, not reacting with anger towards Sarah Marshall. Before the film, the marketing campaign built my expectations up in one direction, while the film went in almost the polar opposite of where I thought it was going to go.

Just like last summer's "Superbad", this Apatow-produced film, written and starring Jason Segal of "Freaks and Geeks" does a great job of bringing REAL life attitudes and emotions to the screen. Much like previous Apatow-produced comedies "40-Year Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up", it's a romantic comedy from the male perspective - which is probably the exact reason who I enjoy it so much. Things don't have to turn out perfectly and every scene isn't a woman complaining about men, and our habits. Instead, it shows how we address emotions and relationships, and how we react. Granted, this is a much more comedic-than-reality kind of way, but that's what makes the films so enjoyable.

Now, you've got to be honest with yourself when you see this movie: It would NEVER happen this way. First, the completely random chance that these two characters would end up at the same resort in Hawaii after breaking up: Not likely. Second, the way Peter ends up acquiring his hotel room - wouldn't ever happen. Finally, the fact that one of the two of them wouldn't move to a different resort...? Come on. But, once you suspend the reality of the situations, which are required for the continuation of the plot - it's a pretty enjoyable film. It's a film about discovering who you are, once your heart has been shattered into a million pieces. It's about really people, making (mostly) real decisions, observing other people's relationships, and doing their best to move on in life. It's also about re-discovering yourself, after you've spent so much time in a relationship.

The flick has plenty of Laugh-Out-Loud moments. The dialogue is witty and smart. The story was well constructed, and from some of the articles I've read - Jason Segel used a number of real-life experiences to construct the storyline for this film. If you've liked the previously aforementioned films, I don't see any way you won't enjoy this one too.

And like a typical Apatow-produced flick, it features a number of "regulars". Starting with the star Segel, it also includes Jonah Hill ("Superbad"/"Knocked Up"), Bill Hader ("Superbad"/"Knocked Up"), and Paul Rudd ("Knocked Up"). Just another reason (as I've previously blogged about) that I really enjoy all of these films. Friends making movies with friends - it ROCKS!

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