Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two More Flicks

I rolled into work with Jason today. When we first got here this morning, he threaded up "The Black Dahlia" for me to watch. I'm a really big James Ellroy fan, and a huge "L.A. Confidential" fan, so I was really looking forward to this movie - add in a cast that I really like, and you've got my expectations up. Sadly, it wasn't as wonderful as "L.A. Confidential", but it holds its own. It deviates from the facts that I know about the Elizabeth Short murder, but after all - it is a work of fiction. It's worth watching.

Following that flick, I killed a couple of hours at the Galleria Mall, before heading back to Kendall Square to watch "Edmond". David Mamet is so hit or miss with me. When he adapts his own plays into movies, I don't tend to like them. But stuff like "Spartan" or "State and Main" - I really enjoy. I don't know. I guess I do like "Glengarry Glenross"... I just didn't really care for "Edmond", it was too much exposition, and I didn't feel any kind of connection to William H. Macy's character.

Yesterday was a creatively productive day. I stayed "home" all day and worked on the plotline for the new flick. I'm trying to map out all the events and place them in chronological order, and find some fillers for certain places. I've also began using the working title: "Wake Up in the Breakdown". I have a feeling that once I get the timeline done, I'm going to be making some more serious changes... We'll see, when the time comes.

I'm also toying with the notion of taking Jason and I's original concept for "Consternate" and re-doing it as a comedy. I think there's a lot of thing we could incorporate into the idea, and not make it a cheesey "spoof" movie, but instead an original comedy, with outlandish murders, based on the original storyline we had for the film. There's a couple of people in Indy that I would like their creative input - to see if we can make a script... It's an idea I'm going to toy with for a while. Lots of over-the-top blood and gore sounds like a lot of fun to play with!

It looks like I'm going to be heading back to Indy in about a week. I've done a lot out here - had an amazing time, seen some amazing things, and been able to do some soul-searching. But, it's time to get back to my life - and time to work on my future. Hopefully, with ay luck, I'll be working on two scripts by the end of the year, and going into production on one of them early next year. I hope...

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