Friday, May 04, 2007

"Spider-Man 3" Quickly

Best action of the three films.
An okay storyline.
Worst acting of the three films.

"Spider-Man 3" suffers from "Titanic"-Syndrome. BLOCKS. 10 minutes of action. 10 minutes of horrible drama. 15 minutes of action. 15 minutes of bad acting. There is no flow to the film, and there is no connection between the scenes. I'd love to watch a version of the film with all of the bad acting edited out. It would be like an hour long awesome action film.

They really tried to do too much. And while that aspect was annoying, it really wasn't the worst part of the film. The acting was just BAD, HORRIBLE.

Honestly, what was I thinking about during this film???

"I can't wait to see 'The Dark Knight', because I know Nolan knows how to blend action and drama and make a good film..."

Overall grade: B. (The amazing action sequences saved the film for me.)


: ODOMMYO : said...

Thanks for the review! Cool blog, keep on posting!

indyguy77 said...

You're wrong. Again.


BUT! At least you're consistent!