Thursday, December 08, 2005

Do I Like Peanuts?

Just in case anyone was wondering if I liked Peanuts, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, or Christmas... I thought I'd share some pictures from around my apartment...

On top of the TV sits Snoopy and Charlie Brown in train cars. These were from Whitman's candies last year, there was a set of four, and I seem to be missing two of them (I'm pretty sure I've got them all somewhere...). On the right, is a Hallmark ornament from last year. I plays "O Christmastree" when you push the button.

On top of the DVD Rack sits a Charlie Brown Bobblehead (with his poor little tree...). Next to that is this year's Hallmark Waterglobe. It's motion sensative, so when you shake it up, it begins playing "O Christmastree" and the tree on the front lights up, along with Snoopy's doghouse (A gift from my mother a couple of weeks ago, THANKS MOM!). In the back are plush Charlie Brown and Snoopy figures. We added some reindeer antlers to Snoopy, and I'm trying to find a small Santa hat for Charlie Brown.

My Peanuts "action figures" (although, honestly, they don't do a lot of action, but it sounds better than a doll...). The top row is a mixed collection from the "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" set and the "You're an All-Star, Charlie Brown" set. I bought whatever I could find, and nowhere ever seemed to carry the ones I needed to finish either sets. Ebay, someday... The middle row is the ALMOST the ENTIRE SET of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" (I'm missing Schroeder and his piano with candlestick from this set). Finally, the bottom row is the ENTIRE SET of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" including the alternate "Director" Charlie Brown.

My mother bought this ornament for me last year. It's Linus giving Snoopy a gift. (It's a little blurry, but that's Snoopy sitting on top of his doghouse). A Christmas light gets stuck inside the doghouse (from the bottom) and it lights up the words "Merry Christmas". REALLY COOL ornament!

Kristen's mother bought this ornament for me a couple of years back. Snoopy and Charlie Brown sleding. It too is on the tree. I've got another series of Whitman's ornaments on my tree (about six more total) but all their pictures turned out too blurry, and I'm too lazy to go down and take any more pictures tonight. Maybe at a later date...

Sparky even gets in the holiday spirit with this Special Christmas Season Treat Jar. His standard one is Snoopy's doghouse, so it was an easy decision to get him this when we saw it.

There's one final ornament from this year that I need to hurry up and buy. It's this year's musical ornament (see on top of the TV for last year's musical ornament). Hopefully, I'll pick it up this weekend...

So, if there was any doubt, I hope I've SQUASHED IT, and proven that I LOVE PEANUTS! And I REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS!

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