Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I had the day off work, so I took advantage of it, and while Kristen was at work I went to see a film I'd been waiting 2 1/2 years for, "Mindhunters". Yea... There's a reason this film got bad test screenings, and sat on the shelf for so long. Typically, this is the type of film that I like. Psychology, plot twists, whodunit?... I've thought for a long time it would be a guilty pleasure of mine. Well, I was completely wrong. The film just doesn't work. It really took me on a roller coaster. Sometimes I like it, then it began doing things I disliked, but then it would pull something that I liked, and thought it might begin to redeem itself, but it never did. It was an unfortunate waste of my time.

So, because of Chris Moore's post last week and the series finale of Season 3, I've had Project Greenlight on my mind a lot. And to be honest, Season 2 didn't impress me enough to ever want to watch "The Battle of Shaker Heights". It just never seemed interesting, based on what I saw in the series. So, tonight I was looking for something to watch, and decided that I would FINALLY give the film a chance. It was okay. Nothing special, and nothing better than I expected after seeing the series. It was interesting to watch the film, and know some of the scenes that they cut out. Unfortunety, it just made the film too short. But, the sad thing was that the film FELT LONG. As far as independent films go, it was definetly a good attempt, and an improvement over "Stolen Summer" in visuals and production value, however I don't feel that the script was great. Oh well, now I've seen it.

Jason and I talked about "Episode III" on the phone today. We both hoped that we would get the prints today, at our respective theatres. However, first thing this morning, I called the distribution center and they told me that they wouldn't be delivered until tomorrow afternoon. So, Jason was catching up on "The Clone Wars", which made me decide to pop in the DVD and watch it this afternoon. I doubt General Greveious is going to be as cool as he is in the animated version, but I can't wait until tomorrow to see him live. I'm REALLY pumped up about this film, and expect me to write a HUGE review tomorrow night after I see it. I'll be watching the Pacers game tomorrow night, then rushing off to work to check out "Revenge of the Sith". (Probably two times...)

I planned on watching "Attack of the Clones" tonight, just to refresh me some more before I go into "Episode III" tomorrow, but after "The Battle of Shaker Heights", I was just in the mood for something more personal, more real. So, I popped in "Untitles" (the director's cut of "Almost Famous"). It's a lot of fun to watch this film, because I have "Almost Famous" memorized, so when I watch the director's cut, I knew every second that is edited differently, or extended. It makes it fun to watch.

I spent some time today working with some of the photos we took yesterday morning. I've been making some promotional photos that we'll be putting on our website. I need to do some more work on "No One Dies". I've been really distracted recently with the Pacers and "Revenge of the Sith". After this weekend, my brain will probably calm down, and get back into film work.

I think that's about all for today. Let's just hope and pray for some GOOD LUCK for the Pacers!!!

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